Why Charity Matters to Us

While we’re passionate about bringing joy through the various dimensions of fun, we understand that many around the world face challenges that limit their access to even basic resources. That’s why a portion of every joyous moment here at FunDimensions is dedicated to those in need. Our commitment to charity is as strong as our commitment to fun!


At FunDimension, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community through a range of charitable initiatives. Here are two key programs we are proud to support:


  • Play-it-Forward: With every ticket purchase, we allocate a portion of the proceeds towards charitable donations. We are honored to partner with nonprofit organizations dedicated to enhancing the health and emotional well-being of children. Through Play-it-Forward, we extend invitations to these partner groups, enabling them to bring children to our facility for an enjoyable and memorable day of play.


  • Student of the month programs: Investing in the future of our community is a priority for us. We actively contribute to local schools by providing free passes as part of their Student of the Month award programs. This initiative not only recognizes and celebrates academic excellence but also encourages students to visit our facility, fostering an environment of learning and recreation.


  • Donation Certificates; Our charity donation certificates comprise complimentary birthday party packages designed to craft unforgettable moments for children and families. These certificates are generously given to nonprofit organizations striving to secure funds for their vital missions. These nonprofits have the opportunity to utilize them as coveted auction items or captivating raffle prizes during their fundraising events.


By participating in these initiatives, FunDimension is dedicated to creating a brighter future for our children and supporting the educational growth of our community. We believe in the power of giving back and are committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can build a stronger, more caring community.


We will be open AT 2PM on Sunday, JULY 21ST.

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