Commitment to Cleanliness

Dear FunDimension Family:

We hope you and your family are doing well and finding ways to stay active. We miss seeing each and every one of you playing at FunDimension.

Since we initially opened FunDimension, we have always gone above and beyond industry standards to make sure that our facility is clean and safe.

We want to keep you updated on the renovation of our facility to improve your experience and introduce new sanitizing protocols to secure the well-being of our guests and staff members.


The COVID-19 has required us to raise our demanding standards to an even higher level with new protocols for the current circumstances. Take a look at some of the steps that we have taken:

FunDimension has put in place a multi-faceted approach design to meet the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Below is an overview of the components of Fundimension’s commitment to your safety and cleanliness.

  • We hired a specialized company that uses the latest technologies to sterilize the building. First, they sprayed a powerful misting disinfectant with hospital-grade products which kill the COVID19 virus. They then sanitized everything again with a disinfecting Therma Vapor steam machine heated to 300° temperature that kills viruses and bacteria.
  • We have installed MERV 11 AC filters in all our units throughout the premises. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) air filters have a superior effectiveness rating sufficient to filter 98% of bacteria. Experts indicate that less obstructive, medium-efficiency filters of MERV 7 to 13 are as effective as true HEPA filters at removing allergens.
  • Every employee will have their temperature checked before starting their shift.
  • As required by the city officials, staff and guests will wear masks.
  • Our entire staff will have gloves, masks and some will have additional face shields based on their position and how they must interact with guests.
  • If any of our staff is ill, they will not be permitted to come to work and must stay home until they are symptom free. They will be required to be tested twice with the result being negative prior to returning to work.
  • Our building will not exceed 50% of our maximum capacity.
  • We will be disinfecting common service areas throughout the day including tables and chairs AFTER EVERY USE!
  • AFTER EVERY USE, we will be wiping down all arcade games laser tag vests, helmets, VR glasses, bumper cars, etc.
  • We have increased the numbers of hand sanitizers throughout the building.
  • Disinfecting wipes are also available upon request.
  • End of day sanitation procedures for restroom, kitchen, and other facilities have been modified to provide an even higher standard of cleanliness.
  • During each shift, we will assign a dedicated employee to be FOCUSED SOLELY on keeping our facility above standards, targeting hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, there will be an employee assigned to open and close doors for all guests during business hours.
  • Our staff members will encourage all children and guests to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds throughout the duration of their visit.
  • Public touch points such as door handles, and knobs will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Our summer camp classes will be limited in size to groups of 8 per room.
  • If you or any member of your family is ill, we are asking that you stay home to avoid risking the health and safety of others.

We will keep you updated as the City of Miami and Miami Dade County release details.

We do not know when the Covid-19 pandemic will be over or when our lives will return to some sort of normalcy. We want our guests and friends to know that when the time comes to play again, we will be ready to welcome them back to a safe and clean environment.

Until that time, please stay healthy and safe.

Joyce Frohman

CEO & Founder


  • Deep cleaning and full sanitizing of all arcade games and attractions.
  • Refurbished the soft play area.
  • Resurfaced all our tables tops in the dining area.
  • Given an overall refresh to the entire building
  • Polished the floors in the restaurant and main entrance